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Arkansas Food Preservation Resources  

Arkansas has a long history of food preservation and the art and science of saving food is making a comeback.

The USDA guide can be viewed on the National Center for Home Food Preservation website. For more research based food preservation recipes the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension offers for sale So Easy to Preserve

For those interested in a hands-on experience we have county educators in Family and Consumer Sciences who conduct Food Preservation trainings for minimal cost in various locations throughout the state. Contact your local extension office for dates and details.

The training provides science-based information based on the USDA's recommendations.

Dial Pressure Gauge Testing is Free

County Extension FCS educators are also available to test consumers dial gauge pressure canners to determine accuracy of the gauge. Dial gauges should be tested annually to assure that the pressure indicated on the dial is accurate. Pressure gauge testing is only done by appointment and only certain pressure cookers can be tested. Call your local county extension office to get an appointment and to check if your canner is a type we test. There is no charge for this service.


Blueberries laying on a counter top.

Canning & Freezing Fruits

Information on preserving fruits using canning and freezing methods.

Learn more about freezing and canning fruits


Several quart and pint size jars of bright red canned tomatoes sitting on a shelf.

Canning & Freezing Vegetables

Information on preserving vegetables using canning and freezing methods.

Learn more about canning and freezing vegetables


Three drying racks with sliced tomatoes on one, blueberries and other fruit on one and apple slices on the third laying out to dry.

Drying Foods

Information on methods to dehydrate foods.

Learn more about drying foods


Three small jars of fruit sitting on a counter with hands holding a napkin wiping off one of the jars preparing it for the lid.

Jams & Jellies

Information on making a variety of jams and jellies.

Learn more about making jams and jellies


Quart size jar of bright green cucumbers being pickled.

Pickling Foods

Information on pickling fruits and vegetables.

Learn more about pickling foods



Two turkey breasts that have been smoked and are laying on a rack that is sitting on a counter top.

Smoking Meat & Poultry

Information on smoking meat and poultry.

Learn more about smoking meat and poultry 


Canning FAQs

Canning is serious business, and it requires close attention to details. We've got all the research-based answers to your most common canning questions.

Get answers!


Additional Resources