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Your Blueprint for Happiness: Five Principles for Building a Better Life 

blueprint of a house

You may imagine that the perfect life is being pampered on a tropical island. It sounds great. And it may be enjoyable for short periods of time. But research shows that building well-being is more like constructing a house than lounging on a tropical island. This means that creating happiness in your life isn't mysterious or magical--it's something you can and should intentionally plan and build. Come build a happier life.


cleared land with for sale sign   Happiness Principle #1- Notice and appreciate the good in each day.

land cleared for house   Happiness Principle #2- Focus on the positives in your past. 

Concrete slab for house   Happiness Principle #3- Look forward to tomorrow.

Framed house   Happiness Principle #4- Know and use your strengths.

Drawing of a house   Happiness Principle #5- Choose to serve.


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