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DIY: Crafts for Dad

by Original Content: Kylie Harris, Searcy County | Adapted for Blog: Katie Cullum, White County

Drop the ball and forgot it is Father’s Day weekend? Want to show him a little extra love even though you have a great gift already? Whatever reason you need, these crafts are simple, cheap, fun, and most importantly great keepsakes for dad to remind him how awesome his kids are (and you for helping them). These gifts are great for all the men holding down a dad role! 

Pinterest perfect is NOT a thing in our house (as you can tell). We like to get creative and let the kids take the lead. Crafting with your kids inspires creativity, hones fine motor skills, and gives valuable time spent. Quality time for you and making dad feel special results in a lot of positive emotion and feedback for the kiddos in your life. For more ideas and information on family togetherness check out 

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