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Tips to Enjoying a Summer Staycation

by Original Author: Jane Newton, Lincoln County | Adapted for Blog: Katie Cullum, White County

Summer is coming! Due to social distancing, self-quarantining, coronavirus, work slow-downs and lay-offs, money may be tight. But let’s face it – we’re all looking forward to a summer vacation!

Staycation to the rescue! Staycation is a fancy term for spending your time off at home. 

Think of the benefits of a staycation:

  • You save money!
  • No wasted travel days to and from!
  • No travel means no physical drain. Let’s admit it, travel is exhausting!
  • No spending your vacation with strangers and/or relatives that may not be your fondest!
  • So what if the weather is lousy. You can more easily adjust!
  • Your vacation plans can’t be cancelled by an airline or other travel situation!

How to enjoy a staycation

The trick to enjoying a staycation is to deviate from daily routines and truly make it a vacation. Remind yourself that, while you are at home, you are on vacation! To make the most of your staycation:

kids reading outside
Kids reading outside
  • Turn off your phone - don't be reachable! Let co-workers know you will be unavailable. Tune out emails and other distractions on your phone, iPad, and computer. This goes for the kiddies also!
  • Don’t do housework! Catch up on errands, chores, and grocery shopping beforehand.
  • Set a budget. Remember, the idea is to have fun without spending too much!
  • Turn routine on its head! This is especially fun for young children. Make eggs for dinner or eat dessert for lunch. Wear pajamas all day. Camp out in the living room or backyard. Stay up late. Get creative. Let loose and have fun!
  • Take a nap! Hey, vacations are to escape from daily life and relax. Catch up on sleep in that hammock!
  • Empower your kids! Let each family member take turns choosing an activity for the day. This may be as simple as a card or board game, a bike ride or watching Pixar movies all day (don’t forget the buttered popcorn!) Spend time talking, laughing, and reminiscing. Say “yes” to your kids whenever possible, even to your teenager who wants to spend the afternoon alone in his or her room. This is their vacation, too!
  • See your hometown through foreign eyes! Take a day and pretend your family is hosting a person from another country to show-off your town. Go out and find those special places in your town or county that you’ve taken for granted.
  • Read a book! You don’t have to be sitting in a faraway place to settle in with a good summer read. 
  • Visit a faraway place - at home! Pick a country and spend the day learning about it. Dress in traditional clothing, try your hand at cooking a recipe or meal customary to that country, or play a game native to that culture. This idea requires a bit more effort and will force you to get creative!
  • Document your vacation! Admit it – we all like to look at those vacation photos! Use your smartphones and iPads to tell your story with evocative images. Start with an outline or storyboard, then plan your shots. Record your unique experiences. Post your story on social media to engage followers and show off how much fun you’re having!

As with any regular vacation, a staycation is only as successful as the effort and planning put into it. Your only limits are your creativity!