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Importance of Dramatic Play

Original content: Tristin Boulton, Crawford County | Adapted for blog: Katie Cullum, White County

children playing dress up
Dramatic play is important for children!

Dramatic Play is powerful for little learners. It promotes high-level thinking, problem solving, and more. It allows them to act out real-world situations while taking on the roles of different characters. They may be the police officer, doctor, or teacher during this time. This type of play helps children develop six skills sets while enhancing their development in four major areas all of which are covered in the presentation.

The presentation also covers different dramatic play areas that families can easily set up in their homes with resources typically found in the home.

Dramatic Play engages children in both life and learning. Its’ real value lies in the fact it increases their understanding of the world they live in, while it works to develop personal skills.

dramatic play video

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