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Arkansas Association of Extension 4-H Agents 

AAE4-HA LogoThe Arkansas Association of Extension 4-H Agents (AAE4-HA) is an affiliate organization of the National Association of Extension 4-H Agents (NAE4-HA) . The purpose is to promote the profession of Extension 4-H youth work in Arkansas and to encourage professional improvement among all Extension personnel.

Seeking Nominations

AAE4-HA is seeking nominations for Extension Professional of the Year and Volunteer of the Year. Nominations should be based on contributions to 4-H. Winners will be recognized virtually during the Summer 2020. Please return all nominations to the AAE4-HA Past President or Hope Bragg at by June 28, 2021.

2021 Extension Professional of the Year

2021 Volunteer of the Year

Why Join AAE4-HA?

AAE4-HA membership offers many benefits:

  • Professional Improvement
  • Positive Reinforcement
  • Peer Recognition
  • Personal Growth

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What does it cost?

Annual AAE4-HA dues are $90 and should be sent to the AAE4-HA treasurer. Dues can be paid with:

  • cash
  • check payable to AAE4-HA
  • credit union account transfer
  • indirect account

How do I Join?

Membership is open to all professional, county, area, state staff members, and paraprofessionals such as 4-H Program Assistants of the Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service who work with the 4-H youth development program. Membership is available to other youth development professionals, former NAE4-HA members and NAE4-HA donors and supporters.

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Awards & Scholarships

AAE4-HA membership also offers scholarships and awards. Members apply for a variety of awards from communications and publications to GIS and STEM recognition. Congratulations to all our 2020 winners! To learn more visit here.

Congratulations to our 2021 winners!

Communicator Awards

Educational Package - Team: Hope Bragg, Elizabeth Easley & Cynthia Rorie

Educational Package - Individual: Casey Ford

Feature Story: Rachel Bearden

Media Presentation: Casey Ford

Periodical Publication - Individual: Samantha Horn

Personal Column: Elizabeth Easley

Promotional Piece - Individual: Elizabeth Easley

Promotional Piece - Team: Creenna Bocksnick & Chris Meux

Published Photo: Rachel Bearden

Video Program: Creenna Bocksnick, Jesse Bocksnick, & Ashley Dingman


Specialty Awards

Citizenship in 4-H Youth Development Award: Casey Ford

Denise Miller National 4-H Innovator Award: Creenna Bocksnick & Jesse Bocksnick

Excellence in 4-H Club Support Award: Rachel Bearden

Excellence in Animal Science Award: Rachel Bearden

Excellence in Camping Award: Creenna Bocksnick & Jesse Bocksnick

Excellence in Communication and Expressive Arts Award: Creenna Bocksnick

Excellence in Geospacial Programming Award: Hope Bragg

Excellence in Global Citizenship Programming Award: Rachel Bearden

Excellence in Healthy Living Programming Award: Creenna Bocksnick

Excellence in Natural Resources & Environmental Education Award: Elizabeth Easley, Cynthia Rorie, & Hope Bragg

Excellence in Peer Professional Development Award: Hope Bragg & Lori Canada

Jim Kahler Excellence in Science, Technology, Engineering and mathematics Award: Casey Ford

Excellence in Shooting Sports Programming Award: Jesse Bocksnick, Heather Jackson, Tyler Caston, Nicole Nicols, & Doug Russell

Excellence in Teamwork Award: Elazabeth Easley, Hope Bragg & Cynthia Rorie

Excellence in Workforce Development Programming Award: Rachel Bearden

Greg Yost Memorial Youth in Leadership Award: Elizabeth Easley, Cynthia Rorie & Hope Bragg

Search for Excellence in Teen Programming Award: Elizabeth Easley


Service Awards

AAE4-HA Rookie of the Year: Harlee Haney

Achievement in Service: Casey Ford - Franklin County

Achievement in Service: Elizabeth Easley - Mississippi County

Distinguished Service Award: Erica Williams - Pulaski County

Distinguished Service Award: Shea Wilson - Prairie County

Meritorious Service Award: Pia Woods - Jefferson County


NAE4-HYDP Conference


In 2021, members from all over the country will join in Memphis, TN for the NAE4-HYDP Conference. Members will participate in networking opportunities, breakout sessions, and general sessions. This year's conference is scheduled for November 16-18, 2021 at the Peabody Hotel. This will be a hybrid conference with limited in-person attendees and virtual attendees.

Pick 4-H: It's Music to Inspire


Organization Resources

2021-2020 Officers

Past President: Creenna Bocksnick
President: Samantha Horn

President Elect: Hanan Douglas
Vice-President: Sarah Enoch
Secretary: Alta Lockley
Treasurer: Rachel Bearden
District Vice President LRSO: Ashley Dingman
District Vice President Ouachita: Cindy Ham
District Vice President Delta: Pia Woods
District Vice President Ozark: Billie Collins


2021-2022 Committee Chairs

Professional Development Team Chair:  
Research & Programs Team Chair:  
Marketing and Outreach Team Chair: 
Finance and Operations Team Chair:  
Member Services Team Chair: 
State Relations Team Chair:  

Organizational Documents