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Professional Organization Resolution Process


The University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture, Cooperative Extension Service has a working relationship with six professional employee organizations:

  1. Arkansas Association of Cooperative Extension Specialists (AACES)

  2. Arkansas Association of Extension 4-H Agents (AAE4-HA)

  3. Arkansas County Agricultural Agents Association (ACAAA)

  4. Chi Epsilon Sigma - Beta Chapter (CES)

  5. Epsilon Sigma Phi - Alpha Iota Chapter (ESP)

  6. National Extension Association for Family and Consumer Sciences - Arkansas Affiliate (NEAFCS-AR).

A summary of their goals is to promote Cooperative Extension work and the Land Grant mission, provide professional improvement opportunities for their members, and improve the professional and work life of Extension employees.

The resolution presentation and response process provide the organizations an annual forum for presenting and discussing issues and needs with Administration.

The Office of the Senior Associate Vice President (AVP) for Agriculture – Extension and administration work with the organizations on program initiatives, employee morale and support and professional development.

Resolution Definition

A resolution is a serious, written expression of the organization’s opinion. A resolution may address the broader areas of program need, process change, employee morale, professional development, etc. It may affect a group of employees, a program, or the Cooperative Extension Service as a whole.

Generally, a resolution does not address immediate needs such as safety concerns, etc. Time-sensitive and urgent situations should be brought to a supervisor or Administration’s attention as soon as they are encountered rather than through the resolution process.

Resolution Process

  • The Guidelines for Joint Arkansas Extension Professional Organizations contains a schedule and general directions for shared responsibilities.
  • Each organization should have a formal process for development of resolutions to be voted on by its membership. Annually, the organizations are invited to compile the resolutions into one formal document to submit to the Office of the Senior AVP. Organizations are not required to present a set of resolutions, but the opportunity exists. 
  • The organization responsible for the current year will contact the other five to request their resolution document. 
  • Before presenting the resolutions to Administration, convene a meeting of officers from all six organizations. This meeting is to review the resolutions submitted, combine similar resolutions, and produce a coherent, cohesive document. 
  • Each resolution should have a paragraph to provide background for the resolution. 
  • Each resolution should be concise and descriptive with clear objectives and requests. 
  • Each resolution should have a contact person for administration to contact for clarification.
  • Commendations may be included from each organization but are not required. 
  • Note in the resolutions compilation document if an association did not submit any for the year.
  • Once the officers agree on the contents, finalize the document in Microsoft Word. Send the document by email to the Senior AVP and the Assistant to the Senior AVP. 

Administrative Review and Response

  • After receiving the document from the organizations, Extension Administration will review the resolutions document and prepare responses.
  • Once responses are completed, the Assistant to the Senior AVP will contact the president of each organization.
  • The presidents (or their representative) will be invited to a meeting with Administration to discuss the response document.
  • After the meeting, the final resolutions document with responses will be distributed to each organization.

Prepared: January 25, 2023