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About the Cooperative Extension Service

We are part of the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture and are located in all 75 counties. 

Our agents and specialists have worked to improve the lives of Arkansans for over 100 years! Read more about our history serving Arkansans.

What does the Arkansas Extension Service do? 

Photo of man at Raised Garden at the Arkansas State Hospital
Our programs include local gardening volunteer projects like the patient rehab garden at the AR State Hospital.

Our mission is to strengthen agriculture, communities, and families by connecting trusted research to the adoption of best practices.

Our county agents take research-based recommendations from our specialists and give you practical advice to improve the livelihood of Arkansans.

We make the research work for YOU!

We use the results of scientific researchmuch of it conducted at the University of Arkansas System colleges and our research stationsto help you improve your life and your community.

Extension educational programs touch all segments of our society and address a wide range of needs in both urban and rural areas.

We answer YOUR questions!

Whether it's a new crop variety, information about keeping your food safe, how to have a positive influence on kids, or how to develop your small business, we take what the scientists and experts tell us and use it to share information you can use, to answer your questions and to create programs that will make a difference all at a very low cost or free of charge.

See Our Agents in Action

We are in YOUR county!

We are here to help with a physical office in every one of the 75 Arkansas counties.

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We also have extension specialists and support personnel on five university campuses, at five research and extension centers, six research stations, and two extension centers.

Our employees include Cooperative Extension Service faculty in all 75 counties and Agricultural Experiment Station scientists, extension specialists and support personnel on five university campuses, at five research and extension centers, six research stations, and two extension centers

We work in four major educational areas:

4-H and Youth Development cultivates important life skills in youth that build character and assist them in making appropriate life and career choices. At-risk youth participate in school retention and enrichment programs. Youth learn science, math, social skills, and much more, through hands-on projects and activities.

Agriculture and Natural Resources' research and educational programs help individuals learn new ways to produce income through alternative enterprises, improved marketing strategies, and management skills and help farmers and ranchers improve productivity through resource management, controlling crop pests, soil testing, livestock production practices, and marketing. We teach homeowners how to use natural resources wisely and protect the environment with educational programs in water quality, timber management, composting, lawn management, and recycling.

Family and Consumer Sciences helps families become resilient and healthy by teaching nutrition, food preparation skills, positive child care, family communication, financial management, and health care strategies.

We offer food safety classes, continuing education classes for childcare providers, and we have agents in all counties of the state who offer cooking courses and financial management resources.

You will find us among Arkansas' 33 million acres of crops, livestock and natural resources. You will find us in conference centers and public schools, community centers and courthouses, in the classroom and in the lab. That is why "Arkansas is Our Campus."

Let us know how we can help!

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