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November 2005

QuestionThe ivy in my yard is starting to die. Not in one spot but all over the yard. I have had other people in Dumas state they have experienced the same problem. What do you think is the problem?


AnswerIvy was one of those die-hard plants that were rarely plagued with anything, but the past few years we have seen some diseases and insects on it. One of the main ones seems to appear in heavier soils with some drainage issues--hard to believe it could be happening this season, unless you really watered. Investigate a little. Do you see any spots on the leaves? If you dig up one of the plants that are dying, are the roots white and full, or small, dark and slimy to the touch? Do you see anything on the stems or backs of the leaves? You can take a sample in to your local extension office and they can send it to our plant clinic. You have to first pinpoint if it is disease or insect before we can recommend a spray program.