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July 1, 2017

QuestionA couple of years ago we built an arbor and I put trumpet vines on each side. They grew and grew and got way to invasive so I've cut it all down and will be digging up the roots.  What kind of flowering vine would be good to plant?  I've thought about clematis but thinking I need something that will vine up the trellis then re-bloom on the old wood. I don't want to have to cut it all off every year. 



What about Armand clematis which is evergreen?  Another option would be 5 leaf akebia or Carolina jasmine.


May 2010

QuestionWhat shrub would you recommend as a hedge in the Cammack Village area? I'd like to create a living screen to hide a shed & work area in the backyard. The shed sits at the back of the property which is fairly narrow & deep like a rectangle. What vine would you recommend to use for a small arbor which located just out the back door of the house on the same property?

 AnswerIs the area shaded where the hedge will be planted? If so here are some good choices: wax myrtle, illicium (Florida anise), cherry laurel and Sweet bay magnolia--this last one is not evergreen. In sunny conditions you can use Little Gem magnolia, one of the hollies- Foster, Yaupon, Lusterleaf, Nelly R. Stevens; or eleagnus. For the vine, you could use a mix: trumpet honeysuckle, clematis, akebia and some annual vines: moon flower morning-glory, cypress vine and hyacinth bean.