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Hydrangea Vine

April 2012

QuestionI planted a climbing hydrangea about 5 years ago and it has never bloomed. It is a beautiful green plant again this year, but no sign of a budding bloom. It is planted in the shade as are my other types of hydrangeas. Could you give me any advice to make it bloom?

 AnswerClimbing hydrangeas take their sweet time before they start blooming, so be patient. I used to say on average 5-7 years before the first blooms. I bought one with blooms on it so I could say I beat the average—it didn't bloom again for several years. Once they do begin to bloom after they are planted, they should do so every year, and they are well worth the wait. Ignore them for another year or so, and hopefully they will give you a show.

March 2010

QuestionI have two climbing hydrangeas on my fence. They have developed beautifully, but they have yet to bloom. This will be the third summer for them. What can I do to get them to bloom?


 AnswerUnfortunately the key is patience. Climbing hydrangeas can take their time getting established and even longer to begin blooming, but the wait is worth the effort. Once they begin to bloom (anywhere from 3-7 years) they do so annually. Continue to water and fertilize and enjoy the foliage for now and hopefully you will be rewarded with blooms either this year or next.