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 August 13, 2016


 I am an Elvis fan and would love to try the Plectranthus "Velvet Elvis" you mentioned in an article.  Is it winter-hardy in Northwest Arkansas and is it available at local nurseries?     


UnAnswerfortunately, Plectranthus ‘Velvet Elvis’ is a summer annual for you. It is related to the houseplant Swedish Ivy, so I bet you could grow it in a sunny window for the winter months.  As to availability this late in the season, I am unsure, but you can always try.      

 June 18, 2016


Is the plectranthus "Velvet Elvis"   winter-hardy in Northwest Arkansas and is it available at local nurseries?


 AnswerPlectranthus is not winter hardy anywhere in Arkansas unless we have an extremely mild winter, and then it Might overwinter in south Arkansas.  It is still a great summer annual to use in your partial shade garden. ‘Velvet Elvis’ should be available at local nurseries, or ‘Mona Lavender’ which is a bit older variety. Both do well until a hard frost.

 (August 2010)

QuestionMy friend received this plant in an assortment garden from the florist.  She has since transplanted it and it is thriving.  I have enclosed pictures.  The top side of the leaf is a brilliant green and the underside is a deep purple.  The delicate blooms almost look like a “jack in the pulpit”.  The green that you see behind the blooms are a trellis.  We would love it if you could identify this beautiful plant for us!


AnswerI believe it is a Plectranthus 'Mona Lavender'.  Plectranthus is the same family as Swedish Ivy but this plant is grown outdoors as a summer annual in morning sun or filtered sun.  The foliage can be a dark purplish green with these spikes of purple flowers.  Some will try growing it as a houseplant but it would need very bright light to keep blooming indoors.

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