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Spring in Arkansas - Tips, Resources, and Best Practices  

Looking for free spring resources for your family, home, or farm? Our Extension agents and specialists can equip you with knowledge and research-based solutions to enjoy one of the best seasons in Arkansas and prepare for the summer ahead.

Gardening from the Ground Up Episodes

Gardening from the Ground Up

Are you new to gardening? Watch the Gardening from the Ground Up video series to learn everything you need to know!

Explore the gardening video series

Arkansas Yard and Garden Pruning Resources

Pruning Resources

Timing is critical when it comes to pruning, so before you grab the shears consider these factors first.

Learn how to prune correctly

Six Week Deep Cleaning Guide

Deep Cleaning Guide

When is the last time you cleaned your ceilings, walls, or lint duct? Give your home a fresh start this spring with our 6-week deep cleaning guide.

Start your spring cleaning!

Spring Landscaping

Spring Landscaping

Spring is the time to get your garden started on the right path to beauty.

Explore the resources

Produce Safety Tranings and Events

Produce Safety Trainings

Are you a fresh produce farmer grossing more than $25,000 a year? Learn about new regulations impacting the produce industry and satisfy the FDA requirement.

See the upcoming schedule


a to z vegtable gardening

A-Z Vegetable Resources Plan, Plant, & Maintain

Looking for vegetable gardening research, education and solutions for your home garden in Arkansas?

Find vegetable gardening resources

How to build a raised garden bed

Raised Garden Beds

Is your soil poorly drained? Not enough space for a full garden? A raised-bed garden may be a helpful solution!

Watch the How-to Video

Safe use of rain barrel water

Safe Use of Rain Barrel Water

Rain barrel water is safe to use on ornamentals, but you need to take precautions when using on edible plants.

Take these precautions

What can I do about drainage issues on my urban property?

How to Deal with Drainage Issues on Urban Property

When it rains, snows or sleets, where does that water go? This water flow is called stormwater runoff. In urban areas where there are higher concentrations of impervious surfaces such as driveways, rooftops,etc. water flows at higher speeds and larger quantities. Learn how to identify the runoff issue and select an easy solution. 

Find affordable and attractive solutions for your yard


Spring Seasonal Publications and Resources

  • 300 Days of Grazing

    Eight different management practices to extend the grazing season and to help reduce hay feeding.

  • Fescue Toxicity

    Options for Forage and Animal Management to reduce the effects of Fescue Toxicity on livestock production.

    Lawn Care Tips

    Make the best management decisions when maintaining your lawn this spring.