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Small Steps to Health & Wealth

MyPlate on green background. Shows a plate separated into four food group sections and portion sizes.  Dairy food group is shown as a cup at the top right of the plate; at the bottom right is a faceless woman and man are standing on a two step image that has a dollar sign in the center; and there is a fork on the left side of the plate.

Small Steps to Health and Wealth™ is a national Cooperative Extension program designed to help you reach personal finance and health goals.

Learn proven behavior change strategies.  Discover tips for success.  Improve your health and increase your wealth.

Give yourself a health & wealth checkup.

Click here for the free online quiz.


Download Free Factsheets & Worksheets 

Small Steps to Health and Wealth™ was built around a framework of 25 research-based behavior change strategies.  Browse the factsheets and select two or three strategies to get started. Use the worksheets to define your plan and monitor progress. Small steps lead to big change.


Potty Pointers

Potty Pointers are 1-page flyers with concise information on a health and wealth topic. They were originally designed to be placed in the restroom stalls of our offices, hence the name. Now these health and wealth messages are available to you without the use of our facilities. 


Online Challenge

Track your progress as you earn points for positive behaviors.  Challenge yourself to take action daily to improve your health and personal finances. 

Get started

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