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 Surviving Job Loss

Communication is important. All adults in the household should be aware of financial difficulties. Family members may add to the plan of action, and you may discover new ideas and resources.

Plant closings, company lay-offs, reduced hours - regardless of the cause loss of income can be stressful. Focus on the things you can do TODAY- not on the things you can't control. Make a new plan to protect your financial well-being both now and in the future.

Develop a plan. Identify and prioritize needs. Explore available resources. Download the free factsheet:  Living Resourcefully With Reduced Income

Look for ways to cut expenses. Stretch your dollars by making a shopping list and sticking to it. Buy store brands instead of name brands. Eliminate cable TV. Eliminate unnecessary services.

It's especially important during this time that you pay extra attention to taking good care of yourself. Be sure to eat right and get enough sleep. Regular exercise is great stress relief and it will give you more energy. Now more than ever, it's important to look for ways to relax and enjoy life. Quality leisure time doesn't have to cost money. Take the kids to play in the park. Go hiking. Check out a good book from the library. Play a board game with family or friends.

One thing we know about life is that change is inevitable. Your situation will get better. Spend carefully, limit use of credit, and keep planning for the future. Consider your alternatives to choose the best strategy for you and your family. Take this opportunity to explore job training programs and other career options.