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Water in Arkansas

"Approximately three-fourths of the Earth's surface is covered by water.  However, most of the water in the world is unavailable for use, as 97.5 percent is saltwater and 1.75 percent is stored frozen in ice caps and glaciers.

This leaves us with less than 1 percent of liquid fresh water found in lakes, streams and underground aquifers.  For this single reason, wise planning, use and conservation of our limited water resources is essential."

(quote from Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service's AG1290 - Arkansas Watershed Steward Handbook)

Test Your Water

Test Your Water

The Arkansas Water Resources Center operates a fee-based water quality lab as a service to the State. Anyone can submit a water sample for water quality analysis.

Learn more about the AWRC

 Farm & Ranch Water Resources

Arkansas Discovery Farms | Division of Agriculture | University of Arkansas System

Arkansas Discovery Farms

This working farm model from the University of Arkansas' Division of Agriculture assesses Best Management Practices (BMPs) related to water conservation and reduction of nutrient and sediment loss.

Arkansas Discovery Farms

Water Resources for Livestock | Environment & Nature | Arkansas


Nutrient Management for Livestock

Sustainable Water Practices for Livestock

Water Resources for Row Crops | Environment & Nature | Arkansas

Row Crops

Nutrient Management for Row Crops

Sustainable Water Practices for Row Crops

Irrigation for Row Crops

Home & Garden Water Resources


Division of Agriculture Water Resources

Other Arkansas Water Resources