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Public Policy Center's Arkansas Ballot Issue Newsletter & Voter Guide Archives

The Public Policy Center has provided researched-based fact sheets about Arkansas' statewide ballot issues since its creation in 2004. We also publish monthly e-mail newsletters about proposed ballot issues, legislative amendments and any court challenges that occurred on the path to the general election ballot.  

Click on the years above to find older voter guides explaining ballot measures or past issues of the newsletter. Scroll down to find the most recent newsletters.

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2024 Newsletters

Fight to Remove Casino from Constitution Pushes Past $1 Million - May 2024
We don't know yet which citizen-led ballot issue will be on the ballot this November, but we do know nearly $4 million has been raised to support or stop them.

Group Proposes Education Definitions, Equal Standards for Public Ed Funds in Constitution - April 2024
A coalition of Arkansas nonprofits are working together as a ballot issue group to ask voters to approve a constitutional amendment requiring schools accepting public funds to meet the same academic and accreditation standards. The proposal, known as The Arkansas Educational Rights Amendment of 2024, also would define what an adequate education entails in the state constitution if passed this fall by voters.

Local Newspapers, Drive Through Signings: Ballot Issue Groups Try to Reach Voters - March 2024
Ballot issue groups wanting to qualify their proposed constitutional amendments and state laws for the November ballot are fanning out across Arkansas to collect signatures in some familiar and new ways.

Medical Marijuana Sponsors Looking to Expand Access via 2024 Ballot - February 2024
Arkansas voters approved the creation of a medical marijuana program in 2016. Sponsors of a proposed constitutional amendment are seeking to expand that program to more people in 2024.

Election Year Kicks Off with Signature Petitions and Lawsuits over Ballot Issue Approvals - January 2024
After a flurry of rejected ballot titles and filed lawsuits, several ballot issue groups in Arkansas have reached the point where they can start collecting voter signatures to qualify their citizen initiatives for the November 2024 ballot.