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Archive - 2015 Ballot Issue Newsletters


There were no statewide ballot issue elections in 2015. This was an off year for Arkansas ballot measures.


Ballot Issues Approved for Signatures up to 10 - December 2015
The list of possible measures to be decided on in the November 2016 election continues to grow. 

Second Poll Shows Support for Medical Marijuana - November 2015
A second statewide poll found growing support among Arkansas residents for allowing marijuana use for medical purposes.

Do Ballot Issues Make You Pay Attention? - October 2015
Nearly a year after voting in the 2014 election, can you recall any of the five ballot issues? How about naming any of the 2016 ballot issues?

Medical Marijuana Subject of Panel Discussion, Poll - September 2015
Viewers of a Little Rock television station had the opportunity to watch a televised panel discussion about medical marijuana proposals that could wind up on the 2016 ballot.

Voters Could See More Change to Term Limits - August 2015
When voters went to the polls in November 2014, they approved a constitutional amendment that allowed legislators to serve 16 years total in the House or Senate in place of the chamber-specific maximum of six years for representatives and eight years for senators.

Group Ends Effort for Referendum on Act 137 - July 2015
Arkansans to Protect Local Rights recently ended its effort to put a new state law up for a vote on the 2016 ballot.

Arkansans See Growing List of Issues from the Public - June 2015
The list of potential 2016 ballot issues is growing, with the Attorney General's approval of an eighth potential issue last week for signature gathering.

Signature Collection Underway for Ballot Issues - May 2015
Multiple groups are in the process of collecting signatures to add their ballot issues to the November 2016 election. One of those groups - Arkansans to Protect Local Rights - doesn't have very long to gather signatures from registered voters. The group is attempting to put Act 137 on the ballot to ask voters whether the law should be kept or discarded.

Legislature Sends 3 Issues to 2016 Ballot  - April 2015
For a moment, it seemed as if Arkansans wouldn't have any ballot issues to vote on in November 2016. Legislators had said they couldn't come to an agreement on any of the 41 proposed constitutional amendments and wouldn't refer any of them to the public, the first time that would happen since 1971. But on their last day of the session, legislators came together and agreed on three proposals to send to the public.  

Legislature Narrowing Down Amendment Priorities - March 2015
Arkansas legislators are closer to deciding which ballot issues they will refer to voters on the November 2016 ballot. On Friday, members of the House State Agencies and Governmental Affairs Committee decided they would recommend five of the 25 constitutional amendments filed by state representatives to a joint committee with the Senate for further review.

Ballot Deadline Passes for Legislature - February 2015
Over the next two months, legislators will work their way through dozens of proposed constitutional amendments to come up with the three issues they want to refer to voters in November 2016. 

Arkansas Legislature in Session - January 2015
Members of the 90th General Assembly started work Monday at the state capitol. Arkansas legislators will be in session for the next few months proposing and debating bills that could become laws. It's during this time that legislators propose constitutional amendments for the 2016 ballot.