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Archive - 2017 Ballot Issue Newsletters

There were no statewide ballot issue elections in 2017. This was an off year for Arkansas ballot measures.


What Does 2018 Have in Store for Arkansas Voters? - December 2017
As 2017 winds down, we offer a recap of where Arkansas' 2018 ballot stands as far as potential constitutional amendments.
More than $1.3 Million Raised in Court-Related Ballot Issue Campaigns - November 2017
More than $1.39 million has been raised by ballot issue campaigns on opposing sides of SJR8 on next year's ballot.

More Groups Forming Around Court-Related Ballot Issue - October 2017
The Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce announced this week the formation of a group advocating the passage of a constitutional amendment on the 2018 ballot. 

Will We See Fewer Ballot Issues? - September 2017
Ballot issues may seem like they pop up out of no where, but they're usually years in the making especially if they're coming from the public. So it's interesting to note that fewer proposals from the public have been certified for signature gathering for the 2018 ballot than in recent years.

2018 Ballot Issue Spending Underway - August 2017
Arkansas doesn't have any ballot measures this year, but Legislative Question Committees are starting to form and raise money on 2018 ballot measures in the Natural State.

AG Rejects Opposing Tort Measure - July 2017
A proposed ballot measure that would compete with one submitted to voters by the Legislature was rejected this month after its popular name was deemed partisan.

Highway Commission to Pursue Ballot Issue for Road Funding - June 2017
Arkansas Highway Commissioners are pinning their hopes for additional highway funding on voters.

New Law Require Ballot Issue Groups to Pay Back State - May 2017
The Secretary of State's Office paid more than $1.7 million last year to advertise Arkansas' ballot measures, a cost they expect to partially recoup in future years after the recent passage of Act 982.

Voter ID, "Tort Reform" Amendments on 2018 Ballot - April 2017
Arkansas voters will decide in November 2018 whether showing photo identification should be an official requirement of voting and whether to establish dollar limits for financial damages in certain types of lawsuits.

Arkansas Voters to Decide Voter ID, "Tort Reform" Amendments - March 2017
At least two constitutional amendments will appear on Arkansas' 2018 ballot and it's possible legislators will add more voter questions to the ballot before they go home next month. 

Voter ID, "Tort Reform" Among 31 Ballot Proposals Filed - February 2017 
Arkansas legislators filed 31 proposed constitutional amendments for the 2018 ballot. Limited by law to a maximum of three measures, legislators will quickly whittle the list down in committee meetings in coming weeks. 

Legislators Considering Limiting Their Own Proposals - January 2017
The 91st General Assembly is underway. Scores of bills have been filed yet there's still just the one constitutional amendment proposal that was filed before the start of the January session.