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Archive - 2019 Ballot Issue Newsletters

There were no statewide ballot issue elections in 2019. This was an off year for Arkansas ballot measures.

Signature Counting To Resume, Court Rules - December 2019
The Secretary of State's Office will soon start counting thousands of voter signatures it originally considered invalid after an Arkansas Supreme Court ruling agreed with a referendum campaign that they should be counted.

Proposals, Funding Adding Up - November 2019
As this month comes to a close, citizen initiative groups have filed nine proposed constitutional amendments with the Arkansas Secretary of State's Office, allowing them to collect signatures to put their proposals on the November 2020 ballot.

Signature Gathering Under Way - October 2019
Canvassers have been spotted around the state in October at grocery stores and the State Fair collecting signatures for potential 2020 ballot issues.

Group Seeks Voter Approval for Game Machines - September 2019
In a span of 10 years, Arkansas voters approved legalizing the sale of lottery tickets and opening of casinos. Now a group hopes voters will support a constitutional amendment authorizing "coin operated amusement machines" in the state.

Referendum: Off, On Again? - August 2019
Challengers of a new state law expanding the procedures optometrists can perform in Arkansas have asked the Arkansas Supreme Court to intervene in their effort to put a referendum regarding Act 579 on the November 2020 ballot.

Voter Signatures Filed for Referendum; Multiple Marijuana Amendments Filed - July 2019
Safe Surgery Arkansas submitted thousands of pages of voter signatures this week to the Arkansas Secretary of State's Office in their quest to challenge a new state law expanding the scope of practice for optometrists. The wording of two ballot proposals seeking to legalize marijuana were filed in July with the Secretary of State's Office.

Referendum Sought on New Optometry Law - June 2019
A new state law expanding what procedures optometrists can do for patients is being challenged through Arkansas' referendum process.

New Law Makes AG Ballot Title Request Moot - May 2019
The Arkansas Supreme Court rejected a request to force the Attorney General to certify a ballot title for a proposed constitutional amendment that would legalize recreational use of marijuana.

2020 Ballot: Voters to Decide Sales Tax, Citizen Initiative Process, Term Limit Amendments - April 2019
It's official: Arkansas' 2019 legislative session is over. Legislators held their formal closing Wednesday ending the session. As part of the session, legislators referred three constitutional amendments to voters on the 2020 ballot.

Arkansas Voters Will Decide Sales Tax - March 2019
Arkansas legislators have settled one of the three constitutional amendments they expect to refer to voters in 2020.

Legislators Submit Amendments for 2020 Ballot - February 2019
Arkansas legislators submitted 44 proposed constitutional amendments for the 2020 ballot. Many of the amendments focus on the process for putting citizen-initiated amendments and state laws on the ballot, term limits, highway funding, and laws related to lawsuit damages.

92nd General Assembly Underway - January 2019
The Arkansas legislative session is in its second week and state senators and representatives so far have filed five proposed ballot measures.