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Arkansas Ballot Issues

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Arkansas voters decide more than candidates on Election Day. You also have a role in shaping state policies by voting on proposals that seek to create new laws or change the state constitution.

Arkansas is one of 15 states where citizens can propose constitutional amendments, state laws and veto referendums on the ballot for voters to decide. Legislators also have the right to refer up to three constitutional amendments on the statewide ballot.

We provide voters with neutral, research-based information on all statewide ballot proposals. Ultimately our goal is to increase voter participation and help Arkansans be confident in their vote. 

Election Day is Nov. 5, 2024.

What Constitutional Amendments are on the 2024 Arkansas Ballot?

The Arkansas constitution allows legislators to refer three amendments to voters on the General Election Ballot. In 2023, Arkansas lawmakers filed 33 proposed constitutional amendments for the 2024 ballot. Through their committee process, legislators narrowed down the proposals and referred only one proposal.

Issue 1 - Lottery Proceeds

Citizen groups can also file proposals for the 2024 ballot by submitting the popular name and title of their proposal to the Attorney General's Office. Read our blog posts on potential November 2024 ballot issues that are circulating in Arkansas.

Potential 2024 Arkansas Ballot Issues

What Are Ballot Issues?

Ballot issues are policy questions that appear on local or statewide ballots for voters to decide.

Proposed state laws, constitutional amendments and veto referendums are often referred to as "ballot issues" when they are being decided by voters. Sometimes people call these proposals "ballot measures" or "citizen initiatives."

About Our Materials

Since 2004, the Public Policy Center has published unbiased fact sheets on statewide ballot measures so voters have a better understanding of what is being asked of them on Election Day. The fact sheets go through a vetting process that includes reviews by issue supporters and opponents.

In 2022, we distributed 40,000 ballot issue voter guides across Arkansas' 75 counties. Our ballot issue education web pages attracted 346,972 unique visitors who recorded 432,615 page views between Sept. 1-Nov. 11, 2022. Find past voter guides in our archive.

What will I find in Extension's ballot issue voter guide?

  • How the proposals will appear on the ballot
  • Answers to basic questions about each issue
  • Reasons why people may support or oppose the proposals 
  • A worksheet to record your voting plans


Want Year-Round Arkansas Ballot Issue Education?

Find important Arkansas election dates, a general handout about elections (in English and Spanish), and frequently asked voter questions on our Voter Education Resources page.

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Request a presentation to your organization or group. Ballot issue education programs can be requested by contacting your local county extension agent or by contacting the Public Policy Center at 501-671-2160. You can also email us at 

Send your Arkansas ballot issue questions to


Ballot Issue Education Resources

You can pick up a paper voter registration application in several different locations in your community. 

If you don't see the forms on displayed on a table at the location, ask an employee for help.

You can also print off a paper application from the Secretary of State's website. 

You can also ask the Secretary of State to mail you a voter registration application.

Turn in your completed form to your county clerk's office.

PPC Analysis: Citizen-Initiative Ballot Access Requirements by State (2021)

State agencies involved with Arkansas ballot issues


What Other Elections Are Happening?

Arkansas cities and counties often hold elections throughout the year related to property or sales tax or other important local matters. We provide fact sheets on some local issues by request from our county agents.

Find out what some of those past issues are here or contact your local County Clerk for more information about what's on your ballot.