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Arkansas Public Policy Center

The Public Policy Center exists to provide Arkansans with research-based information and education about public issues. Public issues are defined as pressing and emerging issues that involve multiple points of view and have widespread consequences.

Our goals are to:

  • Increase citizen knowledge, awareness and understanding of public issues
  • Enhance public participation in decisions regarding public issues
  • Help citizens craft, evaluate and implement alternative solutions to public issues

Policy Focus Areas

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Ballot Issue Education

Helping Arkansans understand proposed state or local laws on their ballot.

Become an informed voter!

News and Upcoming Events

Arkansas Citizens Access Network (ARCAN)
AR-CAN offers livestreaming of government proceedings and public meetings throughout the state. You can watch live streaming of the Arkansas legislature.

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Public Policy Center Faculty and Staff

The Public Policy Center was established in 2004 by the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture to provide research-based, non-partisan analyses and evaluation of public policy issues. The Center's goal isn't to tell citizens what to think, but rather to increase their knowledge and awareness of public issues and participation in decisions regarding those issues.

Public Policy Center Director

Dr. Stacey McCullough

Director of the Public Policy Center

Areas: Entrepreneurship, public policy, agritourism, electronic commerce, rural development.

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Kristin Higgins

Program Associate

Areas: Public referendum, local government finance, media relations, rural criminal justice issues, environmental and natural resource policy and programs.