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Broadband Resources

Many residents and businesses in rural areas of the state do not have access to Broadband, which is not only essential for commerce, but critical for information sharing, especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

While the federal and state governments have resources to help rural areas of the state invest in broadband infrastructure, many people and businesses remain without high-speed broadband access.

Households Without Broadband Access

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) provides an interactive map of all U.S. counties showing the speed and number of residential broadband providers. You can access the map on the FCC National Broadband Map website.

You can find more information about broadband access in Arkansas counties on the Rural Profile of Arkansas website.

Arkansas county map chart showing households per 1,000 with 10+ Mbps internet access in 2015. Benton County was the only county in which 600-800 households per 1,000 had internet speeds of 10 Mbps or greater. The majority of counties had little to no access. 

Discounted or Free Internet Services

The National Digital Inclusion Alliance (NDIA) provides up-to-date information on Internet Service Providers that provide discounted or free (for a limited time) internet services. Visit the National Digital Inclusion Alliance website to determine if residents in your area may qualify for discounted or free service.

The American Connection Project (ACP) provides information on free Wi-Fi resources through their interactive map.

Federal and State Broadband Resources

Visit the following websites to learn more about federal resources available:

To learn more about the Arkansas State Broadband Plan providing assistance to rural communities wanting to develop their broadband infrastructure, visit the Arkansas State Broadband Office (ARConnect) website.

Why Is Being Online Important?

The four part video series, “If You’re Not on the Internet, You Don’t Exist: Developing Broadband Infrastructure for Your Area,” was originally recorded at the 2017 Breakthrough Solutions Conference in Little Rock.

Listen to industry experts discuss strategies for bringing broadband to local communities and state and federal funding options.