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Addressing the Digital Skills Gap in Arkansas

It’s estimated that 247,000 Arkansans between the ages of 18 and 64 may lack basic digital skills. Individuals without basic digital skills may miss out on opportunities and face limited access to information and services.

Digital Skills Program

Our department is working with the Arkansas State Broadband office and other partners throughout the state to help eliminate the digital divide by 2028.

How will we reduce the digital skills gap for better access to employment, healthcare, and more?

We are working with several county agents to develop an Americorps Digital Skills Ambassador program.

The program aims to identify and address barriers hindering Arkansans from using the internet for daily tasks. It focuses on mitigating these barriers through digital skills training, cybersecurity programs, and financial literacy initiatives statewide, especially among populations with significant digital skills gaps.

Extension is uniquely positioned to assist in eliminating the digital skills divide with current programs like 4-H Tech Changemakers, Extension Homemakers, Financial Literacy, and the creation of our Digital Skills Ambassador program.

Explore Broadband Resources

Many rural Arkansas communities struggle with reliable Broadband access.  Broadband gives people access to the highest quality internet and is essential for commerce and information sharing.

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