UACES Facebook Fact Sheet Available for Upcoming Johnson Election
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Fact Sheet Available for Upcoming Johnson Election

by Kristin Higgins - June 29, 2021

Johnson July 2021 Voter Guide Voters in the city of Johnson in Washington County will have two local ballot measures to decide when they vote in a July 13, 2021 special election.

The Public Policy Center at the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture partnered with the Washington County Extension Office to produce a voter guide explaining the city ballot issues. 

Voters will decide:

  • A $7.3 million bond issue for street improvements and a temporary 1% sales tax to pay off the bond debt. The ballot issue, if approved, the measure also would allow the city to use revenues from an existing 1% sales tax for police, fire and public works toward repaying the street improvement bonds. 

  • Whether to approve a 1% tax on prepared foods, beverages, lodging and rental space in the city. Revenue would be dedicated to development, construction and maintenance of city parks. 

Download the fact sheet at: 

People who live in the city of Johnson and are registered to vote are eligible to vote in this election.

If voters approve the bond issue and sales tax, the city sales tax rate would increase from 2% to 3% in January 2022. The 1% sales tax would expire when the 2021 bond debt is repaid, which city officials estimate to be around 2046.  

If voters approve the Advertising and Promotion Commission tax, a 1% A&P tax as it's known would start Jan. 1, 2022 on prepared foods and lodging rentals. It would not expire without another vote of the people.

Find More Information
The voter guide produced by the Public Policy Center includes more information about the Johnson ballot issues, including what supporters and opponents say, information about surrounding city taxes, and answers to voters’ frequently asked questions.