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ESP Committees

Committees are the heart of Epsilon Sigma Phi. The work of our committees is what keeps our organization alive and ensures that we fulfill our mission.

If you are new to ESP and looking for a way to become more involved, we invite you to explore the committees listed below and and identify which is a good match for your interests, skills and expertise. To sign up for a committee, contact the ESP President, Diana Morian.

Committee members: Pam Pruett, Ray Benson


  • Considers nominations from chapter for national and regional awards; follows through on selection process and submitting entries to Executive Director.
  • Considers nominations for nationally supported state awards; follows through on selection process, securing awards, and making presentations.
  • Considers nominations for any chapter-originated state awards; follows through on selection process, securing awards, and making presentations. ("Generic" certificates available at National Office.).
  • Searches records and identifies members who have completed 25, 30, 35, and 40 years of professional service in Extension.
  • Arranges for appropriate tenure recognition ceremonies, written summaries for use in newsletters and/or program booklets, certificates, and/or other appropriate mementos.

Committee members: Alicia Hugen


  • Develops a budget for coming year for chapter, using past income and expenditures as a guide.
  • Confers with officers and committees who can identify sources of income and project probable expenses in the year ahead.
  • Presents budget recommendations to board and chapter members.
  • Makes annual audit of previous year's financial records and attests to the accuracy and completeness of the treasurer's report at the end of the chapter's fiscal year.
  • Makes recommendations for changes in procedures that might contribute to better efficiency and accountability in the future.

Committee members: Dianna Bowen


  • Studies the National Constitution and Bylaws, the National Council minutes (as published in Annual Report), and the State Constitution and Bylaws to make sure national and state guidelines are being followed. Suggests revisions in State Constitution, Bylaws, and procedures to keep up with changing trends.
  • When a revision of State Constitution or Bylaws are necessary, takes the necessary steps to present the changes to the membership, and handles the necessary voting procedures to bring the matters to a vote.
  • Studies national and state officer and committee guidelines and suggests revisions in state guidelines when necessary.

Committee members: Jane Newton


  • Develop methods to generate funds for special needs and projects.
  • Makes recommendations to the board for proposed actions.

Committee members: Becky McPeake, Terrie James


  • Studies Federal and State legislative matters that affect Cooperative Extension and are of interest to Epsilon Sigma Phi. Keep the membership informed of these matters.
  • Studies changes and proposed changes in State and Federal retirement programs.
  • Makes recommendations to the National Board for proposed actions.

Committee members: Kristal Draper, Keith Perkins


  • Obtains from list of eligible prospective members, in advance of chapter annual meeting.
  • Sends letter of invitation (application form) to prospects.
  • Conducts an induction ceremony at chapter annual meeting.
  • Presents to new members:
    • Epsilon Sigma Phi lapel pin or tie tack
    • National Constitution/ Bylaws
    • State Constitution/Bylaws
    • Extension Professionals' Creed
    • Membership card

Committee members: Terrie James, Valerie Turner


  • Determines (from Extension Personnel Office and other sources) names of deceased members and former members.
  • Prepares a tribute to each deceased member and former member for chapter annual meeting program.
  • Presents these tributes at chapter annual meeting.
  • Sends sympathy card to deceased's relatives on behalf of chapter (when appropriate).
  • Sends list of deceased members to state secretary and Executive Director.

Committee members: Amy Cole


  • Editor and committee publish a newsletter for members two or three times a year. These newsletters generally are timed to publish before the Regional Workshops (sometime in late November or Early December), the mid- year after Galaxy and after the National Meeting.
  • Newsletters are vital communications between chapter officers and members and serve to update chapters on various national and regional events and activities. Newsletters also provide specific information of importance to chapters in the region and serve as a forum for chapters to share information on projects and activities.

Committee members: Alicia Hugen


  • Prepares a slate of potential officer and chapter/council director candidates each year, after contacting potential candidates, acquainting them with the duties of the respective offices, and determining their willingness to serve.
  • Presents slate at chapter business meeting for consideration and approval.

Committee members: Jane Newton, Susan Pickle


  • Informs the membership of state scholarship and/or loan funds that are available for Epsilon Sigma Phi members for advanced professional study.
  • Informs the membership of the national scholarship, grant, and loan funds that are available for Extension workers through Epsilon Sigma Phi and other professional organizations.
  • Studies ways to promote and foster professional improvement at the chapter meeting of Epsilon Sigma Phi and other professional organizations to which Extension professionals belong.
  • Encourages institution, individual and group subscriptions to The Journal of Extension.
  • Encourages members to go on special study tours.
  • Involves members to grow in the profession.

Committee members: Amy Cole


  • Oversee the updating of the Web Site with chapter information, and make sure the site conforms to Board-established formats. The webmaster either places all information online or instructs other committee managers on how to do so.
  • Update the following information after installation of new officers each year (by April 1): Committee and officer descriptions, Committee and officer contact names and email addresses, links to national organization, bylaw changes, and current newsletter of organization posted.

Committee Members:  Mary Ann Kizer

  • Maintain a current list of chapter members working in foreign countries, with location, address, etc. Provide this information to the National Global Relations Committee.
  • Learn about "foreign Extension individuals" who are studying or working in your state. Invite them to State meetings and ask them to be honorary members of your chapter.
  • Select a foreign country for a concentrated effort in establishing an Epsilon Sigma Phi affiliation. Consider a country with which your State Extension Service is already involved under a university contract, Title XII, or another arrangement, where a member(s) of your chapter is/are on a tour of duty, or that has Extension personnel or students studying in your state.
  • Invite Extension oriented persons from your selected country to be a guest or speakers at a chapter meeting and to become an associate member of your chapter.
  • Invite the Agricultural Attaché or similar person in the U.S. from your selected foreign country to be a speaker at a special Epsilon Sigma Phi event in your state. Ask the Attaché to discuss Extension in his/her country--request information on women, youth, and/or agricultural programs.