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Arkansas County Agricultural Agents Association

Arkansas County Agricultural Agents Association | logo | state outline of Arkansas with green and yellow ACAAA seal inside

This page is for members to access in order to locate information on Officers, Committee Chairs, Membership and the ACAAA Constitution and Guidebook as other helpful information.

2023-2024 ACAAA Board Members

Ouachita District

  • Shaney Hill – 2 year
  • Morgan Taylor – 1 year
  • Andrew Bolton - Alternate

Ozark District:

  • Brian See – 2 year
  • Colin Massey – 1 year
  • Krista Quinn – Alternate

Delta District

  • Jan Yingling – 2 year
  • Chris Grimes – 1 year
  • Lance Blythe – Alternate


  • Glenn Studebaker – 2 year
  • Jeremy Ross – 1 year
  • Jesse Bocksnick – Alternate

2023-2024 Officers:

  • Past President, Amy Simpson
  • President, Brad Runsick
  • Vice President, Mike Andrews
  • Secretary, Brad McGinley
  • Treasurer, Chris Elkins

National Committee Chairs

The committee structure for NACAA is a grass-roots structure, originating at the state level with state committee chairs. The state committee chairs facilitate the functioning of related programming at the state level and provide programming input and support to the national committees through the regional vice chairs.

National Committee Chairs

  • Professional Improvement Council National Chair – Sherry Beaty-Sullivan
  • Professional Improvement Council (Agronomy and Pest Management) Vice Chair – Chris Grimes
  • Program Recognition Council Leadership (Professional Excellence) Vice Chair – Brian Haller
  • Program Recognition Council Leadership (Recognition and Awards) Vice Chair – Jennifer Caraway

State Committee Chairs

  • Leadership and Administrative Skills – Shaney Hill
  • Teaching and Educational Technologies – Ethan Parker
  • Agriculture Economics and Community Development – Chris Grimes
  • Agronomy and Pest management – Amy Tallent
  • Animal Science – Kevin Van Pelt
  • Horticulture and Turfgrass – Kami Green
  • Natural Resources/Aquaculture – Jaret Rushing
  • Sustainable Agriculture – Sherrie Smith
  • 4-H and Youth Programming – Cindy Ham
  • Communications – Courtney Sisk
  • Professional Excellence – Rachel Bearden
  • Public Relations & Agriculture Awareness – Chris Grimes
  • Recognition and Awards – Sherri Sanders
  • Scholarship – Jeremy Ross
  • Search for Excellence – Kyle Sanders
  • Agricultural Issues and Public Relations – Stewart Runsick
  • Early Career Development – Adam Willis
  • Life Member – Mark Keaton

ACAAA Mission

ACAAA  Constitution and amended by-laws

ACAAA Handbook

New Member Form

Returning Member Form

ACAAA Awards and Recognition

ACAAA  Young Professional Award - Nomination Sheet

Agent Promotion Document

Scholarship  Guidelines

Scholarship Application

Guidelines for Joint Arkansas Extension Professional Organizations