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July 2006

QuestionOur landscaper put in four pieris plants in a terraced planter on the west side of our new home two years ago. The first year they were beautiful but they have been declining since then. New leaves come out but turn brown starting at the tips. My husband says they just need more water although I have given them copious amounts. I think they receive too much sun to survive. Is there anything I can do for them?


AnswerPieris is a wonderful shrub for Arkansas if it is growing in the shade--not the west side of your home. I too think they are a bit unhappy with the amount of sunlight they are getting, but I would also look at the drainage. Pieris plants won't tolerate wet feet. If the soil is heavy, they may be retaining too much moisture. Plants can wilt from a lack of moisture or too much. Dig a hole next to the plants--away from the root system, and see how wet or dry the site is. Consider moving them this fall to a location with morning sun and afternoon shade, and plant them on the high side to encourage drainage.


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