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Passion Flower

July 2007

QuestionI have gotten multiple questions concerning the same plant, so thought I would put them all together for one question. Attached is also a picture of the plant. I found the attached flower growing on ground vine on my property. I’ve never seen anything quite like it and hoped you could identify it. It was about 2-2 ¼ inches in diameter. There is a seed ball on it . The bugs had eaten the leaves pretty badly . I would like to transplant a Maypop/Passion flower plant/vine from a field to my yard. When would be a good time to do so and do you think I would be successful in keeping the plant/vine alive? Would it be better to try to get seeds from the fruit and start the plant from seed? If so when do I harvest the seeds? The plant I found has beautiful flowers and fruit on it.


AnswerThe flowers must really be popping now statewide, because I have gotten tons of questions about them this week. The flower in question is a passion vine, maypop, or passion flower Passiflora incarnata. The plant is perennial and will come back each season. In some parts of the state, they find it to be a bit weedy, coming up from the root system as well as from seed. They grow readily from seed; you can plant the entire fruit or remove the individual seeds and plant them. Allow the fruits to mature on the vine. They should turn a yellowish color when ripe. You could also transplant a plant this fall. Just flag the plants location now so you know where it is when it gets time to move it.


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