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November 7, 2015


I have cleared brush-honeysuckle vines, briers, little trees etc. Today, I am beginning to plant 1200 bulbs in this area. I am wondering, after the bulbs are all planted, is there some kind of pre-emerge that I can apply so the vines and briers will not come back with a vengeance?


AnswerUnfortunately, most of the weeds you are describing are perennials or woody plants which a pre-emergent has no effect on.  Pre-emergent herbicides only work on annual weeds—those that germinate, grow and then die in one season.  The herbicide prevents the weed seeds from germinating.  It will not prevent the roots of perennials from growing, so just be vigilant, mulch and keep it as clean as you can.  Once the bulbs have had at least 6 weeks growing time following bloom, then the bulb foliage can be mowed down and the weeds too. 


October 2007

QuestionWhat is the recommended rate of nitrogen per 1,000 square feet per year for annual color beds?


AnswerWhen we talk about fertilizing annuals, we usually want to use a complete fertilizer as opposed to a nitrogen only fertilizer. With the huge range of fertilizers that are on the market, and the various forms—granular, slow release, water soluble, etc., it is best to find a product you like and follow the label directions. I like to start the season with a slow release product (often 20-20-20) and follow that up with regular applications of a water soluble form. The key with annuals is to push them as much as possible to get the most flowers.


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