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Gerber Daisies

September 2015


I have some Gerber daisies in clay pots on my back porch, they have been beautiful and bloomed often.  Just last week the leaves on the plant have all developed what looks like a fungus on the leaves.  I have sprayed Bayer Advance with no improvement.  Could you tell me what causes this condition and what to do about it?  I have enjoyed the plants for two years.  They were in the garage during the winter and even bloomed there.



Don’t expect immediate results from fungicide sprays.  Diseases don’t happen overnight, and control won’t either.   Spots won’t disappear with spraying, but new growth should come out that is healthy.  You don’t mention exactly what is happening, but if you have powdery mildew –a white growth on the foliage, that can occur with periods of high humidity.  If it is leaf spots, plants that get stressed can have some this late in the season.  Gerber daisies are considered relatively short-lived perennials if left outdoors year-round.  If only a few leaves are affected, remove them.  Lightly fertilize, since the plants have a good couple of months of growth left before you move them back into the garage.  Let them dry out a bit in between watering.  



September 2009

QuestionI received 4 gerbera daisies for Mother's day last year. They came up this year and have done great all summer. I think I need to divide them because they have gotten so big. When do I do that? I will appreciate any help you can give me.


AnswerGerbera daisies are typically not a long lived perennial for us in Arkansas. If yours are doing well, they can be divided either this fall or early next spring as they emerge. Make sure the winter drainage is good, or they can rot. Fertilize them monthly throughout the growing season to encourage plenty of flowers.


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