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Quarantine Kitchen - Budget-friendly pantry staples

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COVID has changed the way many of us eat. In some cases, the pandemic has created shortages of some goods because of panic buying and supply chain disruption. It has also prompted the shuttering of restaurants and other food outlets, except for curbside service. Some may live where grocery delivery or pickup services are available, a great alternative to traditional store shopping in times when social distancing is encouraged. Others may need to rely on corner markets or dollar stores, where limited selection of canned, dry, and frozen foods are available but no fresh produce. 

What do I prepare for my family to eat using the food supplies available? 

Many of us have to learn or relearn how to rely on our own cooking skills using what we have in the pantry. If the pantry needs restocking, we have guides on what to purchase to provide nutritious meals for the family, including meal plans and recipes matched to the pantry content guides.  

We have all you need to know to stock your pantry with  nutritious canned, dry or frozen foods, recipes to prepare using those foods (including cooking for one or two), and menus for vegetarians and  persons with diabetes.

Download your pantry staples  list

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Quarantine kitchen recipe collection: 

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Your quarantine kitchen pantry can be adapted for mostly meatless meals too. Find out how.

We have recipes too!