UACES Facebook COVID-19 Reopening Guidelines
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Reopening Resources  illustration with people weaing Masks

COVID-19 Reopening Guidelines

As America works to manage the COVID-19 pandemic, those who have been in quarantine and those whose workplaces and other activities have closed because of the pandemic are looking forward to getting back to business. 

Uncertainties remain about COVID-19, its spread, the ability to manage the virus, and the wide range of effects it has on Arkansans across the state. This page contains links to directives and other guidance for reopening from trusted sources who utilize these strategies to protect the public’s health.

Signs of reopening
REOPENING will be a complex work in progress.  

Back to School in the time of COVID-19

White House reopening guidelines

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reopening framework

CDC guidance on disinfection 

Guidance from Arkansas Department of Health

Guidance for businesses, places of worship, other oganizations