UACES Facebook C.E.S.P. 5-3: Use of Extension Copiers
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C.E.S.P. 5-3: Use of Extension Copiers

Date Revised: 4-23-2001
Supersedes: 4-4-2000

Summary: Establishes procedures for preparing material for reproduction.

Copiers in County Extension Offices are to be used only for reproducing material necessary to carry out Extension program objectives.

Copiers either carry service contracts or lease agreements based on the number of copies made per month; therefore, organizational costs have been budgeted using this scale. Copy overages are costly to the organization and should be avoided. In cases where the monthly copy allotment is not sufficient for program demand, the appropriate supervisor should be contacted for the necessary adjustments.

Occasional requests are received to print materials for private organizations which have close ties to the Cooperative Extension Service. These materials normally do not meet the "program necessity" criteria and may not be printed using Extension facilities. Where the Extension Service has assisted in the organization of a society or cooperative, programs and material may be reproduced in Extension facilities for two years after the date organized. After two years, the organization should be self-sufficient and use its own resources for copying.

Extension administration will make the final decision on questionable cases.