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System Management - Office

C.E.S.P. 4-7: Office Management - County Extension Office

Date Revised: 4-23-2001
Supersedes: 11-1-1993

Summary:  Establishes guidelines for the appearance and operation of the county Extension Office.

It is imperative that county Extension faculty and staff reflect a positive image in the local community. The following guidelines should be helpful in accomplishing this objective.

I. Office Appearance

• Keep the office clean and orderly.

• Avoid covering walls with unnecessary calendars, posters, etc.

• Use such items as wall maps of the county or suitable photographs or paintings that make the office as attractive as possible.

• Do not allow papers, magazines or supplies to accumulate on desk tops, file cabinets, tables or the floor.

II. Office Operations

• Conduct office conferences on a weekly basis.

• Train administrative support supervisor and other support staff to carry out office routine and review assignments periodically.

• Delegate responsibility for filing to the administrative support supervisor.

• Instruct the administrative support supervisor to open and read all official mail.

• Maintain a working knowledge of the filing system sufficient to locate materials and to train new support staff.

III.     Clientele Service

• Maintain a schedule of one day per week for office calls.

• Answer correspondence the day it is received. If information is not available for immediate reply, acknowledge the request and give an expected reply date.

• Write or call immediately to obtain needed information that is not available in the office.

• Visit the office at least once daily, if possible. When performing field work, keep support staff advised of expected itinerary and time of arrival at the office.