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Arkansas Wildlife Resources

Wildlife are any free-roaming, non-domesticated vertebrate animal and have adapted well to human habitation. Sometimes they cause problems in yards and gardens, inside buildings, even collisions with vehicles.  

Contact a local county Extension office for more information.

Looking for beekeeping information? Check out our apiculture section.

Raccoon by Randolph Femmer nbii

Dealing with Wildlife

Having problems with wildlife? Or found an orphaned animal? Find out what to do, how to identify the culprit, and how to prevent or resolve these problems.

Got pesky critters?  Tips for control here.


Spotted feral hog

Feral Hog Control

This little piggy is creating havoc on farm crops and pastures, carries livestock and pet diseases, contaminates swimming holes, and competes with native wildlife.  Are they on your property? 

Controlling hogs you don't want to call!

Children peering into a bluebird nest box

Youth Education

A variety of youth programs are offered from independent study to participation in local, county, state and national wildlife events.   

Wildlife and youth education resources


Arkansas Wildlife Publications

12 Wildlife Habitat Tips for Small Acreages

Whether it's a half-acre or 40-acre backyard, this guide will help plan for success and attract more wildlife to your yard.

Wildlife Habitat Management for Landowners

If you manage more than 40 acres, here's some ideas for improving habitat quality.

Wildlife Leases and Liability Issues on Private Lands

Landowners, hunting clubs, and guide services can prevent misunderstandings by communicating in a written agreement before the hunt.

Hunting Waterfowl and Doves on Agriculture Lands in Arkansas

Migratory game birds are regulated by federal law, which states baiting or attracting or luring these birds using agricultural crops is illegal.  Find out what is a "normal agricultural practice" and how to stay legal.  Better yet, hunt over native plants to reduce your headache.   

Snakes in Arkansas

Most snakes in Arkansas are non-venomous and harmless, even beneficial.  Learn how to identify venomous snakes, and what to do if encountered.