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State of Arkansas could receive more than $1 Billion for Broadband Infrastructure

by Hunter P. Goodman - January 9, 2023

Affordable, accessible broadband internet for Arkansas communities is a critical part of infrastructure for every community. From healthcare and education to banking and basic community information, it is often available to all through the internet. However, if a community does not have viable internet, it is difficult, if not impossible, to access the needed information.

The University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture Cooperative Extension Service is a proud member of the Arkansas Connectivity Coalition, a group of more than 15 organizations committed to making high-speed internet more accessible and affordable in Arkansas.

The state broadband office, a part of the Department of Commerce, is working hard to build greater access to affordable internet for all Arkansas communities. Our state could receive more than $1 billion for broadband infrastructure in 2023.

However, to have the greatest access to broadband infrastructure it is critical that the new federal broadband map is accurate. We need your help by Jan. 13, 2023, to ensure that Arkansas has an accurate map that reflects what broadband access really is like in our rural communities.

Take three easy steps to help us check the federal map and ensure it reflects your reality in the community.

  • Visit: Go to the federal broadband map at Search for your address in the box provided.

  • Verify: Select the dot that matches your address to verify the location. If the location is wrong or missing, click the location challenge link.

  • Validate: Review the list of broadband providers and services. If you are unable to access the speeds or services listed, click the availability challenge link.

After you complete the three-step process, spread the word to friends, neighbors, and colleagues. Only through great participation from Arkansans throughout the state can we have the best picture of what internet access looks like for you.

You can also find additional information, an instructional video, and more guidance at Your help in both taking the three steps and spreading the word to others is part of ensuring Arkansas has access to resources that bridge and close the gap in internet access across our state.

The impact contacts the three steps of Visit, Verify, and Validate depicted visually as a picture.