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County 76 Fundraising Project


photo of a colorfully decorated spirit pole


County 76 invites you to participate in the 2024 Spirit Pole project. This is your chance to represent your county in a fun, personal, and collaborative way! These unique Spirit Poles will be displayed at the 2024 Master Gardener State Conference for all to enjoy! The purpose of the project is to inspire gardening ‘Spirit’ through creativity, good-will and involvement of your county.

The Spirit Poles will be auctioned at County 76 Silent Auction.


What is a Spirit Pole? 

A ‘Spirit Pole’ is a handcrafted garden monument that reflects your personal style and message of community spirit. It should reflect your county and its unique beauty. Use a general garden or nature theme or design to reflect our Arkansas splendor.

Spirit poles are pieces of unique garden art that can be displayed in the yard, garden, home or in your community.

What does a Spirit Pole look like?

You might find inspiration for designs from many sources like books and magazines, or just search the internet for peace poles or garden art totems. Let your creative juices flow!

How do I make a Spirit Pole?

Using a 4’ or 5’ 4” x 4” treated wood post, express what gardening and your area means to your group. The sky’s the limit of how to decorate your pole. It can be created individually or in a group, your choice. More than one pole can be created by your county.

Consider a topper too. There are inexpensive metal, wood, or even solar post caps that you could use to top off your creation. Maybe a birdhouse, bird bath, anything decorative or creative.

Are instructions available?

Here are the full instructions for making a Spirit Pole:  

Spirit Pole Instructions


Complete the Participation Form by February 29, 2024

Each entry must complete a Participation Form found at:


Contact Patsy Louk at 479-841-9865 or

or Susan Colles at 479-857-8544 or for assistance.