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If you need some fast solutions for some simple problems, look to vines. Whether you need a living screen, or you want to cover a trellis or arbor, or you need some temporary shade, or you simply want to add some color to a stark wall, annual vines have much to offer.

Vines add a vertical dimension to make small spaces seem larger, and they provide privacy and cooling shade.

You have many options from annual vines, to perennial vines.  Some perennial vines are evergreen, while others are deciduous, so decide which you need before planting.

morning glory blue flower
Morning Glory is an annual vine. 
a vine with green leaves and orange flowers
Trumpet Creeper is a perennial vine.


Groundcovers are a good option if you have a steep slope, shady conditions where grass is difficult to grow, or  you simply don't want to mow.  Be sure to clean up the area before planting, removing all grass and weeds.  There are numerous plants to choose from, some are vining while others spread through rhizomes.  Some are evergreen and some are deciduous.  There are also annual and perennial choices.  

a lime green vine called sweet potato vine
Ornamental sweet potato vine is an annual vining grouncover.

For more information or specific questions about your vines and groundcovers, contact your local Arkansas Extension Office. Find your local office here.