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Arkansas Rice Production Handbook - MP192

Cooperative Extension Service, University of Arkansas Rice Production Handbook guidelines and recommendations are based upon research funded, in part, by Arkansas Rice Grower check-off funds administered by the Arkansas Rice Research and Promotion Board

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Arkansas Rice Production Handbook (PDF)




Table of Contents

1 – Introduction (Updated March 2016)

2 – Rice Growth and Development

3 – Rice Cultivars and Seed Production

4 – Rice Stand Establishment

5 – Water-Seeded Rice

6 – DD50 Computerized Rice Management Program

7 – Rice Weed Control (Updated February 2016)

8 – Chemical Applications

9 – Soil Fertility (Updated February 2016)

10 – Water Management (Updated July 2021)

11 – Management of Rice Diseases

12 – Insect Management in Rice

13 – Rice Grades

14 – Laboratory Measurement of Rice Milling Yield

15 – Factors Affecting the Measurement of Rice Milling Quality

16 – Fundamentals of On-Farm Rice Drying and Storage

17 – Rice Research Verification Program

18 – Rice Farm Safety

19 – Glossary of Rice Industry Terms



Dr. Jarrod T. Hardke, Rice Extension Agronomist


Dr. Tom Barber, Associate Professor and Extension
Dr. Rick D. Cartwright, Associate Director - Agriculture and Natural Resources
Dr. Paul Counce, Professor and Rice Physiologist
Dr. Brandon C. Grigg, Research Associate and Rice Quality Lab Manage
Dr. Jarrod T. Hardke, Assistant Professor and Rice Extension Agronomist
Dr. Chris Henry, Assistant Professor and Water Management Engineer
Dr. Fleet N. Lee, Professor and Plant Pathologist, Retired.
Dr. Gus Lorenz, Professor and Extension Entomologist
Mr. Ralph Mazzanti, Area Extension Rice Specialist - South Arkansas
Dr. Karen Moldenhauer, Professor and Rice Breeder
Dr. Richard J. Norman, Professor - Soil Fertility
Dr. Jason Norsworthy, Professor and Weed Scientist
Dr. Trent Roberts, Assistant Professor - Soil Fertility/Soil Testing
Dr. Samy Sadaka, Assistant Professor and Extension Engineer - Biosystems
Mr. Lance Schmidt, Area Extension Rice Specialist - North Arkansas
Dr. Bob Scott, Professor and Extension Weed Scientist
Dr. Terry Siebenmorgen, University Professor and Director - University of Arkansas Rice Processing Program,
Dr. Nathan Slaton, Professor and Director - Soil Testing
Dr. Yeshi Wamishe, Assistant Professor and Rice Extension Pathologist
Dr. Brad Watkins, Associate Professor - Agricultural Economics
Dr. Charles E. Wilson, Jr., Director – Rice Research and Extension Center