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News - November 2023


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Nov. 30, 2023

HOLIDAYS: Protect against COVID-19, flu and RSV during holidays

LITTLE ROCK — As families and friends gather to celebrate the holidays, it’s important to protect against COVID-19 and the flu by getting updated booster shots for both illnesses. For older adults and infants, RSV also poses a dangerous health risk.

Nov. 29, 2023

Study shows limits of ozonated water as sanitizer in raw veggie processing

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — Ozone can be a powerful and safe sanitizer when infused in water for food processing. However, in a recent Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station study looking at its use in raw pet food processing, scientists found that ozonated water sanitation’s effectiveness is variable depending on how it is applied, and on what foods.

Nov. 28, 2023

Division of Agriculture’s 2024 Future of Food fellowship open for application

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — The 2024 Future of Food: Opportunities and Careers for Undergraduate Students session is open for application through Feb. 2.

Nov. 21, 2023

‘Don’t freak out’ key message for Arkansas growers, gardeners after USDA updates Plant Hardiness Zone Map

LITTLE ROCK — Plant hardiness zones have shifted in Arkansas, but there’s no cause for alarm in the Natural State according to Anthony Bowden, extension ornamental horticulture specialist for the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture.

Nov. 21, 2023

New recommendations for soybean producers have potential to boost profits

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — Soybean producers surveying their fields may see green leaves and no problems. But an invisible enemy may be concealed in the plants — “hidden hunger.”

Nov. 17, 2023

HOLIDAYS: State celebrates Turkey Week ahead of holiday; Governor pardons turkey

LITTLE ROCK — At Thanksgiving, it’s all about the turkey — but at least two lucky birds have been spared from being the centerpiece of a Thanksgiving feast.
Nov. 17, 2023

UA System Board members praise efforts of National Agricultural Law Center

FORT SMITH, Ark.  — The director of the National Agricultural Law Center fielded questions about leases and foreign ownership of farmland in the United States during a presentation Thursday to the University of Arkansas System Board of Trustees.

Nov. 17, 2023

Southern root-knot nematode in soybean: Risks and control options

LONOKE, Ark. – Although most crop pests attack from above ground, some of the most damaging threats – nematodes – lurk beneath the soil.

Nov. 17, 2023

HOLIDAYS: Find time to practice gratitude during holiday rush

LITTLE ROCK — The arrival of the holiday season often brings with it the stress of busy social calendars, procrastinated shopping and family obligations. Brittney Schrick, extension associate professor and family life specialist for the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture, said that during this time it’s important to slow down and practice gratitude.

Nov. 17, 2023

Be aware of carbon monoxide dangers both in the home and on the hunt

LITTLE ROCK — Hunting safety encompasses many things, including firearms safety, proper handling of game and a working knowledge of emergency first aid. But as temperatures drop and fall hunting season enters full swing, Arkansans should also be aware of a danger that can sometimes accompany modern efforts to stay warm: carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Nov. 17, 2023

Probiotics research looks to 3D printing to get the good stuff in the gut

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — Nutrition and food science researchers at the Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station are working to improve the impact probiotics can have on gut health using 3D food printers.

Nov. 16, 2023

Childers, Ward named to ‘Most Influential’ list

LITTLE ROCK — Two members of the Arkansas 4-H Foundation board of directors are among those named as the state’s 250 most influential people by Arkansas Business.

Nov. 16, 2023

NALC's Rollins: WOTUS legal roller coaster may slow, but it's not stopping

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — The term waters of the U.S., or WOTUS, is crucial to understanding which water bodies are protected by the Clean Water Act, but defining the term has been an ongoing challenge. That trend doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon, according to Brigit Rollins, staff attorney for the National Agricultural Law Center.

Nov. 16, 2023

HOLIDAYS: When it comes to Black Friday shopping, plan ahead to get the best deals

LITTLE ROCK — Black Friday is right around the corner, but many retailers are already offering “early” or “pre” Black Friday deals leading up to what is considered the busiest shopping day of the year.

Nov. 16, 2023

Jail professionals, community organizations hear impacts, share ideas during 2023 Arkansas Jail Resource Day

LITTLE ROCK — For some adults, the end of a jail sentence is the start of a cycle that leads them right back, but a Sebastian County program that provides support for adults upon release has proven successful in breaking the cycle of recidivism. 

Nov. 15, 2023

Ryburn family donates 1940s veterans quilt to Cleveland County

RISON, Ark. — A 1940s quilt embroidered with the names of more than 900 Cleveland County World War II veterans has quietly been passed down through generations of Artie Ryburn’s family — and now it has once again changed ownership. Its new home is the Cleveland County courthouse, where it will be permanently displayed.

Nov. 15, 2023

Arkansas leads $3.57M national effort to improve disease resistance in spinach

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — Versatile and dense in nutrients, spinach has become one of the nation’s most popular leafy greens. Unfortunately, spinach is also well-liked by fungal enemies on the farm.

Nov. 14, 2023

Cooperative Extension Service receives $650,000 grant to fund University Center

LITTLE ROCK — The U.S. Economic Development Administration recently awarded a $650,000, five-year grant to the Cooperative Extension Service’s Community, Professional and Economic Development department to establish and operate a University Center. The center will serve extension’s mission to strengthen Arkansans and their communities by connecting them with research-based resources throughout the state.

Nov. 13, 2023

NALC's Elizabeth Rumley earns award from American Ag Law Association

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — National Agricultural Law Center Senior Staff Attorney Elizabeth Rumley was honored at the American Agricultural Law Association’s 44th Annual Educational Symposium in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Nov. 13, 2023

Extension launches new poultry podcast

LITTLE ROCK — The University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture has a new monthly podcast that will be of interest to commercial poultry producers and industry professionals in Arkansas.

Nov. 10, 2023

Déjà vu all over again as Nov. 17 federal budget deadline looms

LITTLE ROCK — The 11th-hour continuing resolution that kept the federal government open for another 45 days runs out on Nov. 17, providing a déjà vu moment as lawmakers battle over the budget and employees hope to continue to receive paychecks during the holidays.

Nov. 10, 2023

Small ruminants industry workshop identifies challenges, opportunities

LITTLE ROCK — Sheep and goats have been part of farming perhaps as long as there have been farms. And while they and similar small ruminant animals are but a sliver of the Arkansas livestock landscape in 2023, they have the long-term potential to grow into an important supporting role.

Nov. 10, 2023

NWA Small Ruminants Field Day attracts diverse mix of sheep, goat farmers

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — Homesteaders and hobby farmers made up the majority of people seeking education on raising sheep and goats at the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture’s first Northwest Arkansas Small Ruminants Field Day.

Nov. 10, 2023

Necropsy offers insights to parasite control in small ruminants

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — Parasite control is crucial to the success of small ruminant production says Eva Wray, parasitologist and post-doctoral research associate with the Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station.

Nov. 7, 2023

Agri-Food Innovation Summit inspires entrepreneurial scientists to make big impacts

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — The inaugural Agri-Food Innovation Summit offered entrepreneurial scientists and inventors inspiration to make “moonshot” impacts on society and insight on obtaining startup funds.

Nov. 7, 2023


Panelists say changes needed to harness bio-, ag-tech innovations

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — Arkansas is poised to harness the latest technological innovations to solve problems like food insecurity, but that won’t happen without funding and policy changes, panelists said at the Agri-Food Innovation Summit.

Nov. 7, 2023


USDA officials shed light on mission, partnerships

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — Partnerships with land grant universities and private sector researchers are critical for the U.S. Department of Agriculture to achieve the goals of its first-ever science and research strategy, said Deirdra Chester, director of USDA’s Office of the Chief Scientist.

Nov. 6, 2023

Izard County 4-H members to present valor quilt project to local veterans
MELBOURNE, Ark. — As the nation prepares to honor military veterans for their service and sacrifices on Veterans Day, Nov. 11, a group of 4-H members in Izard County will say thank you to their local veterans with a presentation of red, white and blue handmade lap quilts. 

Nov. 3, 2023

Soybean harvest sees record pace, high yield

LITTLE ROCK — Arkansas soybean growers are on track to have one of the best  — and fastest — harvests in recent memory.

Nov. 3, 2023

Arkansas winter production meetings scheduled

LITTLE ROCK — Agronomy and agricultural economics are among the topics on the agenda for the 2024 winter production meetings in Arkansas for corn, cotton, rice and soybeans.

Nov. 2, 2023

Highly pathogenic avian influenza found in Madison County

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark.  — Arkansas’s first 2023 case of highly pathogenic avian flu has been reported in a commercial broiler-breeder flock in Madison County, federal officials said on Tuesday.

Nov. 2, 2023

Division of Agriculture invests in high tunnel research, resources

LITTLE ROCK – Utah native Taunya Ernst is using her multi-state experience with high tunnels to help Arkansas producers adjust a traditionally cold-climate tool for warmer areas as the new high tunnel and urban agriculture instructor for the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture.

Nov. 1, 2023

NALC’s Rollins to discuss impact of Sackett ruling on WOTUS in next installment of webinar series

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — How redefining a single word in the “waters of the U.S.” rule might affect agriculture and what states are doing in reaction to the new WOTUS rule are among the topics being discussed in the next National Agriculture Law Center webinar, presented by Staff Attorney Brigit Rollins.