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AEHC Cares State Project
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The AEHC Cares State Project aims to provide mental well-being awareness and education to AEHC members and their communities. AEHC Cares asks that open conversations about mental well-being be had so that the stigma surrounding mental health can be further dissolved, bringing more acceptance and understanding to ourselves and others experiencing mental health struggles.

AEHC Cares does not offer mental health services, though it is encouraged that AEHC members educate themselves about the mental health resources in their communities.

AEHC Cares is a boots-on-the-ground project that asks AEHC members to reach out and find ways to educate and support other community members.

AEHC Cares Online Report Form

Ideas for Community Outreach

  • Set up a booth at community events and provide AEHC Cares handouts
  • Partner with local agencies that may be hosting mental well-being events
  • Hold mental health training for EHC and community members
  • Make care packages for nurses, teachers, first aid responders, etc. with AEHC Cares handouts and mental health related items such as stress balls
  • Volunteer to help teachers with classroom or activity prep to lessen their stress
  • Lead an activity at a nursing home or rehabitilitation facility to provide rseidents with physical activity and combat loneliness
  • Host a walk for mental health

Mental Health Resources

If you have questions or more information regarding AEHC Cares, please contact the state project chair Dot Hart at