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5 Volunteer Recruitment Tips

by Nancy Hightower - November 5, 2021

EHC is one of the largest volunteer organizations in the state of Arkansas. As much as we love the work that we do in EHC, it can be hard to recruit others to join us in our efforts to serve our communities – especially younger members that can bring fresh ideas and new energy to an organization.

At the fall district rallies held in October, speaker Stacey Gorman, Director of Communications at The Cotton Board, spoke to rally attendees about some tips to recruit younger members, millennials specifically, into the volunteer work that EHC does, and therefore into the organization.

Stacey’s tips for recruiting younger members were:

  1. Make it social: Millennials love to be social. They love feeling as if they are making connections and building relationships with others. Create group volunteer opportunities and let everyone have fun serving the community while they get to know each other.

  2. Make it accessible: Make your volunteer opportunities and your club or organizational information readily available and easy to access and understand. People want to be able to see all information about an opportunity laid out clearly for them, including what the organization, in our case EHC, is all about. They also want to be invited! An easy way to achieve all of this is to utilize social media, like Facebook, to create events, post about projects, and ask that those in the community get involved. House all information about EHC and your club on your club or county page.

  3. Make it brief: Millennials prefer to participate in smaller roles or projects before fully committing. They want to test the waters and build a personal connection to a cause before diving all in. Create small, one-time volunteer opportunities that allow people to be involved as much as they want to be before deciding they want to fully commit.

  4. Make it meaningful: Build connections. Create plenty of social gatherings for members and those that are volunteering alongside your club to mingle and get to know each other. Ask for their feedback about your club and discuss future goals. Take suggestions and feedback seriously. Millennials have a perspective on the world that can benefit any club or organization, so welcome their contributions.

  5. Make it professionally beneficial: Millennials are at a point in life where they are either just starting in their careers or are really starting to get established. They are always looking for network opportunities and resumé boosters. Offer leadership opportunities, roles that utilize their professional skills, and mentorships. For example, if they are good at social media promotion, consider letting them take over your club’s Facebook page. Or if they have organization and event planning skills, help them take the reins on planning a club event. These opportunities can be beneficial to your club and their professional goals. It’s a win for everyone!

Millennials want to serve their communities and believe that they have the power to make a positive impact. So, reach out, invite them, provide them with clear information, social involvement, and consider how you can benefit each other.