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We are Thankful for EHC

by Nancy Hightower - November 22, 2022

Thanksgiving is a special time of year. It’s not just about good food, football, or parades, even though those are some great things to be excited about. Thanksgiving is a time to remember all the good that has happened in the past year and reflect on it. Thanksgiving is a time to stop and practice gratitude for everything that has given you a reason to smile this year.

As we reflect on this past year, there are so many things that EHC has to be thankful for as an organization.

We are thankful for all the opportunities we have had to fellowship with one another at district rallies, the spring workshop, and the state meeting.

We are thankful that we were able to share what EHC does with the Country Women of the World and host their annual meeting.

We are so thankful for wrapping up the food insecurity state project having donated over 4 million meals statewide. Likewise, we are thankful to begin a new state project, AEHC Cares, that focuses on mental well-being and awareness.

We also thank our agents for all the wonderful work they do in advising and supporting our EHC members. EHC wouldn’t be the organization it is without their help.

And of course, a big thank you to our EHC members and volunteers for all the great work you do in your communities. EHC is making a positive difference in the lives of Arkansans daily and it is all due to your work. Thank you.


"Thankfulness is the quickest path to joy." - Jefferson Bethke