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Arkansas Sales Tax Holiday 2022

by Nancy Hightower - August 3, 2022

August is here! That means school is only weeks away for most in the state of Arkansas. With that in mind, it may be beneficial for caregives or children to partake in this weekend's Arkansas Sales Tax Holiday.

The Arkansas Sales Tax holiday can be a benefit for back-to-schoolers, but buyers need to shop with care, said Laura Hendrix, associate professor and extension personal finance expert for the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture. “Although it may be tax-free, it’s still not a bargain if it’s not something you will use,” Hendrix said. “Continue to use smart shopping strategies during the sales tax holiday.”

This year's Sales Tax Holiday will take place this Saturday, August 6th, and Sunday, August 7th. There will be no local taxes collected for certain back-to-school products. All retailers are required to participate.

What is included in the Sales Tax Holiday?

  • Clothing less than $100 per item, but there is no limit on the number of items that can be purchased. Almost all clothing is qualified for the weekend, including diapers.
  • School supplies commonly used by students.
  • Electronic devices including, but not limited to, calculators, cell phones, E-readers, laptops, printers, and desktops.
  • Accessories costing less than $50 such as cosmetics, handbags, jewelry, watches, umbrellas, and more.

How can you save money during the Sales Tax Holiday?

  • Inventory what you already have and make a list of what you need to purchase.
  • Examine your budget and determine how much to spend.
  • Set a spending limit.
  • Have a plan for how you will pay for the products you buy. If you use a credit card, create a plan to pay them off as soon as possible.
  • Stay within your set budget and stay focused on the shopping list.

Enjoy shopping and saving this weekend!

“Although it may be tax-free, it’s still not a bargain if it’s not something you will use.”

-Dr. Laura Hendrix