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Discovering and Using Your Talents

by Nancy Hightower - December 9, 2022

Everyone has a gift – a talent. Sometimes we see the talents others have and we think we are dull in comparison. We may see someone who is a natural-born leader and think we could never have the same influence as that person. We may see someone who is very creative and think we will never have innovative ideas like theirs. We may know of someone that is a good listener and wish that people felt comfortable confiding in us in that same way.

Whatever it is you see others doing, remember, comparison is the thief of joy. Also remember, just like they have a gift or talent, you do as well, and someone is admiring you for it just like you are admiring others.

We all have talents.

Sometimes it can be hard to know what our talent is because it is a part of who we are. Sometimes it can be easier for others to recognize what our talents are than it can be for us.

We all have something that we are good at or especially love doing. We may see these as big things or small things. Whatever it is, we can use our talents to make a difference in the lives of those around us.

How can you discover your talents?

Perhaps the easiest way to discover your talents is to consider what you’re good at and what you enjoy doing most. Your hobbies and the kind of work you like doing are likely your talents. You may have one standout talent, or a couple. Talents also don’t have to come easily. If you enjoy doing something that is difficult for you, you are likely cultivating your talent and growing as a person through the difficulty of the work.

Anything can be your talent. You may love organizing, event planning, cross-stitching, paper crafting, baking, teaching, volunteering, creating spreadsheets, etc. Whatever it is you enjoy is likely your talent.

Oftentimes, people can see our talents when we can’t, and they will ask us to use our talents. Do you get asked to bake for events? Do you get asked to help plan your EHC events? Do you get asked to create your club or county EHC newsletter? Do you get asked to speak at meetings and events? These things can be your talent.

You can also just ask a good friend or loved one what talent they see in you. Listen closely to what they say. Oftentimes, a caring outsider can see things in us that we might miss.

What can you do with your talent?

Share it! We find life to be most fulfilling when we are helping others. How can your talent bring more peace, joy, security, or fun to those around you?

Combine your talents with those in your EHC clubs and councils to create a team effort that everyone can be proud of. You can accomplish a lot independently but imagine what can be accomplished by your whole group! Using your talents together can make a large positive impact on each other and your community!


"Search within yourself to discover your gifts that are meant to be shared with others."
-Mildred Dennis