UACES Facebook Social Media Guidelines and Best Practices
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Social Media Guidelines and Best Practices

by Nancy Hightower - August 18, 2022

Does your EHC Club have a Facebook? If so, it is important to remember that managing a social media account for a group or organization is different than having a personal social media account in that you must remember to represent the organization, rather than just yourself.

With the use of EHC club Facebook pages on the rise, it is important to keep social media etiquette in mind. It can help to have some guidelines to refer to in case you need them.

With help of Extension’s Social Media Manager, Melissa Johnson, here is a list of compiled Dos and Don’ts for managing an EHC Facebook page.

Social Media Dos

  • DO check your sites often.
  • DO post fresh content weekly. People will stay more interested in your page if you keep it current.
  • DO experiment with post types. Audiences love seeing images and videos.
  • DO engage with your followers, comments, and direct messages. Interact with those who are interacting with you.
  • DO check that your message can be read clearly in your graphics. Is the font easy to read? Are the colors highly contrasted? Make sure to write in the caption any important information that may be written on the image/graphic. This way screen readers can read what is important.
  • DO proofread your content before posting. Make sure you’re providing accurate information and there are no typos that may confuse your audience.
  • DO make your content accessible. Use captions for all photos, graphics, and videos, even if there are words on them explaining the information already.
  • Do make sure that any information shared is research-based.
  • DO use positive language.
  • DO be kind always.

Social Media Don’ts

  • DON'T like or follow pages that have a religious or political slant.
  • DON’T post content with any religious or political slant.
  • DON'T post opinionated or false information.
  • DON'T use random art/images/videos you found on the Internet without proper permissions or copyright. Use your own content or content shared directly from another page.
  • DON'T use small or hard-to-read text when designing graphics.
  • DON’T promote outside organizations that are not affiliated with UADA unless partnered with you for programming or events.
  • DON’T post personal photos or information. Photos of your families, obituaries, family information, and personal information don’t represent the organization. You also don’t want the public having those things.

Remember that managing social media for a group or organization means the content posted should reflect the values and mission of the organization, not of the individual members. Content should be welcoming and positive to all people who may see it so they want to join EHC, too.

“Social media is not a media. The key is to listen, engage, and build relationships.” - David Alston, author