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Fun Facts and Recipes about Gingerbread

by Alison Crane, FCS Agent- Garland County - December 1, 2020

The year 2020 has been difficult in many respects, but one positive thing has been how many families are spending more time at home. This makes more time for arts and crafts projects and baking. Are you staying home this holiday season? If so, you might need some fresh ideas for ways to at home with your family. Why not take a few fun facts about gingerbread and start a new family tradition?

The first time I made a gingerbread house was when I was in college. One of the projects we were required to do for my Meal Management class was to make a fully decorated gingerbread structure from scratch to be used as decoration for the Faculty Christmas Tea. We could make any type of structure we wanted, but it had minimum size requirements and have certain decorative elements.

                                                                      Gingerbread House

Being the overachiever that I tend to be, I decided to go all out and make a gingerbread church complete with lighted stained-glass candy windows, steeple, and a gingerbread cookie manger scene out front. The time I spent planning my project and how nice it was smelling the spicy, sweet smells as I mixed, rolled, baked, and constructed is still a happy memory.

That was the first of many gingerbread projects and I was thoroughly hooked and happy with my first attempt, even though I did find out that architecture wasn’t necessarily my strong point. Since then, I have made gingerbread houses with my children and even organized gingerbread house contests. It is a fun holiday activity that we have tried to do most years.

Gingerbread Dog House

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 Alison Crane is a Family and Consumer Sciences Agent with the Garland County Extension Service. Contact her at or call 501-623-6841. Follow her on Facebook @GarlandExtensionHomeLife or on Pinterest at Extension Home Life with Alison Crane.


December 2020 EHC Blog article

By Alison Crane, FCS Agent – Garland County Cooperative Extension Service