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Enjoy Fall to the Fullest

by Nancy Hightower - October 15, 2021

As we begin to look forward to cooler weather and the holidays, let’s take a second to consider how we can make this time of year joyous and fun. Whether you are creating joy for yourself or with others, it’s important to cultivate a feeling of comfort, happiness, and peace, especially during what can be one of the most stressful times of year for many.

Here’s a list of fun seasonal activities to do in the fall to create joy for yourself or with others:

  1. Visit a pumpkin patch. – It’s not too late to get out and visit a pumpkin patch. Pumpkins, corn mazes, hayrides, and farm animals are sure to bring a smile to those of all ages.
  2. Decorate for fall. – Earthy colors, leaves, wreaths, sunflowers, pumpkins, and scarecrows are just a few elements that are included in classic fall décor. Decorations can go a long way in welcoming fall in, especially when the weather is slow to change. It also adds a festive touch to your home!
  3. Go on a hike or nature walk. – Be sure to stop and check out all the fall details nature has to offer from wildlife to fall foliage, the sound of leaves crunching under your feet, and the breeze on your face. The mild weather makes it easier for many to get outside to enjoy themselves.
  4. Make fall inspired crafts. – Make something that fits the mood of the season. Wreaths, ornaments, table place cards for dinners, knitted scarves and hats, and turkeys made from tracing around little hands on a piece of paper are just some of the many, many crafts that can spark some fall joy.
  5. Bake something tasty. – Fall flavors are back and they make delicious, classic desserts! Spiced cakes, apple, pecan, and pumpkin pies, pumpkin cake rolls, fresh breads…. The list goes on and on! You can’t beat fall treats!
  6. Watch fall movies. – Host a fall movie night for yourself or with others! Grab some snacks, hot chocolate or apple cider, and cozy blankets. A movie night in can be the perfect way to spend a fall evening.
  7. Have a picnic. – Take your favorite lunch, pick a park, and get some fresh air while you eat!
  8. Take a drive. – Fall foliage is gorgeous! Take advantage of the short window of colorful landscapes by going for a scenic drive.
  9. Volunteer in your community. – There are so many volunteer opportunities aimed at helping those in need during the holidays. From knitting hats and scarves to food pantry drives to gifts for those in need for Christmas and so much more. Volunteering is always an excellent use of time and energy. There is always joy to be found through helping those in your community.
  10. Sip on hot beverages. – A good book and soft blanket pairs well with warm beverages., so do holiday movies and a fire in the fireplace. However it is you like to relax, grab a cup of hot chocolate, apple cider, or spiced tea in your favorite mug and enjoy yourself.

There are so many activities to do this time of year. Make the last few months of the year peaceful, happy, and fun. Enjoy the weather, scenery, flavors, and comfort that fall brings.