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Live the Life You Want: How to Tame Your Time

Original Author: Millie Collins, Cross County

Time is Money with stopwatch
Time is Money

It’s often said that “time is money” and although we don’t like to equate the two, it’s really true.  Consider: if we are more conscious about how we spend our time we instinctively become more conscious of how we spend our money.  Time management is money management. 

Time is a convenience.  Remember how most of our mothers and grandmothers spent time cooking?   The emergence of fast food and women going into the workforce for economic and cultural reasons all happened at the same time.  Restaurants and fast-food franchises know we will pay for the convenience of not having to spend time in the grocery store and kitchen. Remember: money follows time and learning to manage your time and energy makes a substantial difference in living the life you want. 

    Let’s start learning to be better managers by knowing the basics of time management.  Here are some ideas for making your time work for you: 

  • Three components of time include schedules, routines, and rituals.  Leave time for all three on your calendar.  Schedules and routines are important but be sure to leave time for the rituals as they help build relationships and add meaning to life.  Always leave time for the rituals.    
computer, phone, paper calendars
Find the calendar that you will use.


  • Invest in a calendar.  Your calendar should be as individual as you are.  Find a calendar or day planner that works for you.  If you like it, you will be more inclined to use it every day.  And for fun, get some stickers designed for a calendar.  I have some that say, “Make sure this happens!” Keep the same calendar for business and personal use: this is YOUR command central.  Lots of people use the calendar function in a smart phone.

  • Use sticky notes as reminders for you and your family.  Place them so you will see them when you need to…the coffeepot to remind you not to eat breakfast before a doctor’s appointment, on the dashboard of your car, in your checkbook to remind you not to overspend because you have a large expense upcoming…

  • Alarm clocks and timers can be helpful reminders.  They can help alert you of appointments, departure times, or Zoom sessions.  Use a timer to keep on task for a quick burst of work such as cleaning out a closet or folding laundry.  Kitchen timers are not just for cooking!

  • Prioritize your to-do list and learn to say NO.  Learn to minimize your distractions such as social media and non-emergency phone calls. Learn to delegate anything that doesn’t require your knowledge and skills. Plan ahead to save time, money, frustration, hassles, disappointments….

  • Take good care of yourself.  Exercise regularly.  Get enough sleep.  Eat nutritious foods.  See your doctor regularly.  Schedule time for recreation, relaxation, and fun activities. Seize the day!